Back Forty Guide Service


Whether it's bird, bear or deer you're drawn to as a hunting quest, Back Forty Guide Service can lead you straight to your prey. At our northern Wisconsin property, all terrain is offered with some of the best Ruffed Grouse hunting in the U.S. Ruffed GrouseWe also offer quality Black Bear Hunts for bow, rifle, muzzleloader, pistol or camera. The success of the hunt is measured by the client's marksmanship, the hunter's physical condition and the climate.


Wisconsin is the top Grouse state in the nation. Price County is one of the top counties in Wisconsin for Ruffed Grouse. We have hundreds of thousands of acres of prime grouse habitat. There are areas of interspersed aspen, balsam fir and woodland shrubs, which are where grouse are most abundant.

Winconsin also offers a good local population of woodcock. Our northern flight of woodcock comes through Price County during mid-October.Deer

Whitetail Deer

We offer quality Whitetail Deer Hunts, whether you prefer bow, rifle, muzzleloader, pistol or camera. Our hunts are fair-chase hunts. Most of our whitetail deer hunts are on private land; at times we do use public land. For the serious hunter that is willing to hunt hard, record book animals are available in our Northwoods. The three and four year olds in this area are impressive, usually scoring from 130 to 160 Boone & Crocket.

Our season runs from mid-September to the end of December. We can schedule any number of days you would like to hunt. Our hunts primarily consist of stand hunting. Patience is the key to success. Remember, a mature whitetail buck is known to be one of the most elusive of all big game animals, so be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime in the trophy whitetail hunting.


Most of our Black Bear hunts are on private land, at times we do use public land. Price County has given up numerous Boone & Crocket, along with Pope & Young Black Bears. For the serious hunter that is willing to hunt hard, record book animals are available in our Northwoods.

We limit our number of hunters per season to give every hunter the optimum chance for success and enjoyment during each hunt. The average Black Bear in this area weighs 200-350 pounds. Our clients take bear that average 250 pounds. Our area holds bear that weigh in excess of 600 pounds.

We offer guaranteed active baited stands.BIG Bear Bait sites are adequately spaced. A hunter has several stands to hunt from. Bait sites are placed in selected areas that offer good shots for the hunter. We ask that you bring your own tree stand, if possible. Our regular bait checking and good management of our hunting areas has given our clients great success. Most hunters go home with a trophy and good memories of a great hunt. Others pass up almost certain kills, opting to wait for a bigger bear or because they wish to take videos instead.

Our season for Bear Hunting runs from early September to mid-October. We can schedule any number of days you would like to hunt. We cater to the client, whether a single individual or a group of people. If you have any special requests concerning equipment, diet, etc., we will do our best to accommodate you.

Wooded LaneTerrain & Climate

The terrain is mostly flat land with gentle slopes and wooded swamps. Our hunting is mostly big woods hunting, along with wooded swamps and farm edges. Our normal October temperature varies between 40-50 degrees during the day and each morning usually brings a frost. Our leaf cover is 90 percent lost by the 15th of October.Wolf

Hunting Methods primarily consist of bait setting. Patience is the key to success. Each hunt is targeted to the client, taking into consideration his/her physical condition.

A Typical Day

...we start with a hearty breakfast at 7:00 AM. Afterwards, your guide will transport you to the hunting area. At midday, a field lunch will be provided. You will be able to hunt all afternoon until dusk, if you so desire. As the sun begins to set, it's back to our northwoods home. Now it's time to unwind and enjoy a hot shower and refreshments. Dinner will be served between 7-8:00 PM. After dinner, the evening is yours. By the time you turn in, you'll have made some enjoyable memories and tomorrow's adventures will be just a few short hours away.

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